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Ears, Eyes & Nails (EEN)

Ears get dirty and smelly; eyes can have discharge, especially if your cat has a flat nose. Nails grow quickly, sometimes right into the paw pads (ouch!). The average cat's nails need trimming every 6-8 weeks. Prevent these problems with regular appointments. $15 Price includes HST

Full Coat Groom (FCG)

Belly/Half Belly Trim

Sometimes only the arm pits, belly and groin area are matted. These mats can be shaved off while leaving a full fur coat everywhere else. FCG + $25

Price includes HST

Cats with Mats

Matting often comes out in the bath and dry. If your cat can't tolerate that, then shaving is the best alternative. FCG + $25  Price includes HST

Pelted Cats

If there are several hard mats or if the mats have felted together into a solid layer called pelting, then a Lion Cut is the solution. This shave goes underneath the pelt against the skin. Everything is shaved off except the fur on the head, paws and tip of the tail. This groom includes EEN, pre-clip, bath, blow drying, finishing clip and comb-out.

$160 and up Price includes HST

A thorough de-greasing bath removes excess oils, dander, dandruff and plain old dirt. Blow drying removes dead undercoat  (fur that is shed in your home) and some mats. The finishing comb-out leaves your cat silky soft. The FCG includes nail trim, ears and eyes cleaned, de-greasing bath, dry and de-shed, final comb out.


Short Haired Cats: 

If groomed every

  • 4 weeks: $70 per groom

  • 6 weeks: $75 per groom

  • 8 weeks: $80 per groom

  • 12 weeks: $95 per groom


Long Haired Cats: 

If groomed every

  • 4 weeks: $75 per groom

  • 6 weeks: $85 per groom

  • 8 weeks: $105 per groom

  • 12 weeks: $120 per groom

  • Prices include HST

The Groom Plus

Lion Cut: A clean-shaven cat (except for the head, paws and part of the legs, as well as the end of the tail) can be the style of choice for those kitties who get too hot wearing their fur coat all the time. Variations include the length of the ruff, a pom on the end of the tail or full tail. FCG + $20

Instead of  a Lion Cut, consider just a hair cut! Available in various lengths, from ¼" to 5/8" (.5cm to 1.5cm). A shorter length makes it easier to keep your cat combed out between grooms. Undercoat and mats need to be removed first. FCG + $25

Persians & Himalayans - FCG + $15

Prices include HST

Other Services

Mini-Sani: trimming below the tail area - $5

EEN & Mini-Sani trim: $20

EEN, Mini-Sani trim and Comb-out: longhaired cats - $40

EEN, Mini-Sani trim, Comb-out and Ruff or Pants trim: $50

Face Care for Persians & Himalayans: $20

Matted Belly Shave: $35

Half Belly Shave:  Fur is shaved from the belly button down the lower half, across from knee to knee and the top of the tail where it meets the body - $15

All prices include HST

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